GRMC Celebrates EVS Week

GRMC Celebrates EVS Week


National Healthcare Environmental Services Week takes place September 9-15, 2018. The week recognizes environmental services and housekeeping associates and the teamwork that is required to maintain cleanliness in a complex healthcare environment.



While maintaining cleanliness of the facility is a major aspect of what the EVS associates do each day, they play an even more important role when it comes to interacting with GRMC’s patients.  Our EVS staff often goes the extra mile to make a patient’s stay more comfortable or will simply help put a smile on a patient’s face.


Brenda Gank, an EVS associate who has been employed at GRMC for 34 years, says, “When I go from room to room, I like hearing from our patients and listening to their stories – it makes me feel good to talk to them.  If I am having a down day, seeing our patients always lifts up my spirits.”


GRMC’s EVS and Housekeeping team are at the core of what makes GRMC a special, welcoming place for patients, families, and staff.


“I take a lot of pride in what I do and I try to do whatever I can to help each patient I see feel more comfortable,” Brenda added.


The EVS & Housekeeping team truly demonstrate GRMC’s mission of striving to treat each patient and each other like family.   We thank them for their pivotal role in supporting a patient-centered atmosphere and delivering a high-level of quality care.


Become a part of our EVS team and learn more about our competitive benefits by applying today!