GRMC offering child and adolescent telepsychiatry through Sheppard Pratt Health System partnership

GRMC offering child and adolescent telepsychiatry through Sheppard Pratt Health System partnership

Garrett Regional Medical Center’s Family Health & Wellness Services, through their partnership with Sheppard Pratt Health System, has expanded child and adolescent mental health care in the region with telepsychiatry. Sheppard Pratt Health System offers high-quality convenient mental healthcare in Maryland through their telehealth services. The new child and adolescent program will provide area youth with comprehensive mental health care that is easy to access.

GRMC partnered with Sheppard Pratt last year in an effort to expand mental health care in the area throughtelepsychiatry services. Telepsychiatry is a form of telehealth that provides a convenient alternative to waiting months or having to travel in order to receive psychiatric care. Sheppard Pratt uses secure video conferencing to connect patients throughout Maryland with psychiatrists in their medical center.

“We are very excited to offer greater access to mental healthcare in the region,” said Kendra Thayer, Senior VP of Patient Care and COO of Garrett Regional Medical Center. “Children and Adolescents are a particularly vulnerable group for mental health issues with depression, anxiety, bulling, and peer conflict being common struggles. Telepsychiatry services will help us better serve children in our community with the support and care they need.”

GRMC patients will have real-time consultation appointments with Sheppard Pratt psychiatrists and licensed mental health providers. Through video conferencing they will assess a patient’s behavioral health needs and provide counseling, therapy, and comprehensive treatment plans.

Sheppard Pratt was among the first health systems in Maryland to deliver telepsychiatry services. It’s telepsychiatry program creates access for populations from inner city Baltimore to rural areas across Maryland.

“We are very excited to help support these much-needed services for patients and families in the Western region of our state,” said Deepak Prabhakar, MD, Medical Director of Outpatient Services at Sheppard Pratt. “There is a national shortage of quality child psychiatry services and Western Maryland is not an exception.” “We are already collaborating with GRMC with our bi-weekly real-time treatment team meetings using telemedicine technology, and this endeavor takes us a step closer towards our goal of expanding access to quality care.”

GRMC’s regional behavioral health center, Family Health & Wellness Services, provides comprehensive behavioral health counseling. Provided in conjunction with Sheppard Pratt Heath Services, the staff at the center includes a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Counselor, Masters Level Social Worker and a Licensed Practical Nurse.

For more information about services or to schedule an appointment contact GRMC’s Family Health & Wellness Services at 301-533-2190.