Diabetes & Nutrition

Diabetes & Nutrition

Garrett Regional Medical Center provides diabetes and nutrition services to empower our patients with the information they need to better manage their health. Our Outpatient Diabetes Education Program helps individuals better manage diabetes or pre-diabetes by making healthy choices and lifestyle changes.

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  • Prevent Type 2
  • Outpatient Diabetes Education
  • Outpatient Nutrition Counseling
  • More About Diabetes
  • More About Nutrition

Prevent Type 2

According to the Centers for Disease Control, one out of three adults has prediabetes and nine out ten do not know they have it.

Take this assessment to determine your risk for prediabetes.

The Type 2 Prevention Program at Garrett Regional Medical Center is part of the Centers for Disease Control’s National Diabetes Prevention Program.

The program helps individuals:

  • Build skills to lose weight, be more physically active, and manage stress
  • Build motivation and accountability
  • Develop habits that last

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For more information or to enroll in the Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program, contact Mitzi Wiltison, RN, CDCES (301) 533-4271.

Know the Facts about Prediabetes 

Outpatient Diabetes Education

The Outpatient Diabetes Education Program at Garrett Regional Medical Center provides comprehensive education for Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes. The program is instructed by a certified diabetes care and education specialist who works with your physician to develop a plan to keep your blood sugar under control.  Individual or group classes are offered depending on the needs and demands. Discussion topics may include  how insulin works, the role of glucose, risk factors, preventing complications, monitoring, problem solving, healthy eating, benefits of physical activity, medications, and long term considerations. We can also assist with insulin adjustments, insulin pumps, or continuous glucose monitors.

Outpatient Diabetes Education Program services include:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Prevent Type 2
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Insulin Pump Maintenance/Support
  • Continuous Glucose Monitor Maintenance/Support

Medicare and most insurance policies cover 10 hours of initial Diabetes Self-Management Education and 2 hours of support each year thereafter.

For more information contact Mitzi Wiltison, RN, CDCES at (301) 533-4271.

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

Meet with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to:

  • Review your current eating habits
  • Set realistic and achievable goals
  • Discover your personalized nutrition plan

Ask your doctor to refer you for outpatient nutrition counseling. Click Here for Referral Form »

Medicare and most insurance policies cover nutrition counseling for diabetes and kidney disease. Please take full advantage of your benefit which offers both initial and follow up sessions. Private insurance may cover other conditions such as obesity and heart disease.

For more information, contact Tonya Sherrill-Kuhn, RDN, LDN at (301) 533-4010.

More About Nutrition

Find your healthy eating style and maintain it for a lifetime with nutrition education. Learn more about eating a variety of healthy foods from the 5 MyPlate food groups by visiting: www.choosemyplate.gov

Here are some of those healthy tips:

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